Friday, January 3, 2014

Cardiff to Swansea -- and back again.

No, I haven't been gallivanting about Wales lately. I have, sadly, never been to Wales. One day, one day...

I've also never travelled from Manchester to Leeds Return, or from Chicago to Milwaukee, Milan to Verona or Ludhiana to Amritsar, for that matter.

Know what these journeys have in common? They are all approximately 145 kilometres/90 miles driving distance.

You are underwhelmed by this fact, I am sure. Fair enough. Here's the thing: know what else is roughly 145 kilometres long? Let me give you a hint: 145 kilometres is, give or take a smidge, 159,180 yards.

159,180 yards.

Yep. My stash -- that is, the stuff  I've recorded on Ravelry -- if unwound and tied together, is long enough to travel between large cities. Sometimes twice. 

I was prompted to use Rav's "export to Excel" feature for the first time after seeing a bunch of my pals in the Pre-Process Knitters group 'fess up to the size of their stashes. Now, don't misunderstand me -- I knew my stash was out of control. But I have to admit seeing the actual total was somewhat...alarming.

Time to really get serious about stashing down, methinks.

I double-dog dare you to find out your total yardage. 


  1. Oh, it's... just a bunch of boxes in the closet. There can't be that much wool in them, right? ;P

  2. I'm a bit surprised you're ahead of me. 149,657 but that's not including the 17kg of fiber .

    1. Crap -- I forgot to count my fibre! I don't have anything like 17 kg of it, but still...

  3. Oh dear, I'm very afraid of this number!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Holy poodles! That's a lot of yardage! I haven't calculated mine, but I'm betting it's less. I donated a bunch of older (unused) acrylic to a seniors home (3 garbage bags full) a couple years ago and I have not built my stash back up very much. I'm ashamed to say I mostly just buy what I need for my next project. This is sometimes a hindrance because sometimes I'll get excited about a project and have to buy yarn, which usually doesn't happen until the next day because I usually get my inspiration at night on my laptop in bed, once I've put away my knitting for the day. LOL

  5. Yeah, you're doing just fine. I haven't entered my whole stash into Rav, and I still have a total yardage of 188,833. Plus fibre. 17 kg doesn't sound impossible.

  6. Hi! Found myself here from Knit1Geek2 podcast. I have to say you enticed me to look at my numbers. Without yardage from unspun fiber, I'm at 186,623 yds! Wowzer! I'm totally in need of some stashing down, considering I don't knit or spin so much in a year.