Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Now with more vikings

I almost forgot I was blogging again! (Surprise, surprise, surprise.) Time is ticking down on November 2nd, so a few minutes ago I opened Flickr to dig up a few recent pictures into a quick 'wordless Wednesday' -style post. Not a terribly inspiring effort, it's true, but better than nothing, right?

Well, as I went through my photostream, it occurred to me the I should probably introduce you to some newcomers chez Piggy:

Cheshire Cat Self-Striping Charles Sock

3 lovelies

Dipole Moment Continuum

Spud's Hat - Now with more Vikings!

I've known these guys for as long as I can remember. They lived on the dining room bookshelf in the house I grew up in, and then on a shelf in the guest bedroom of the house my parents retired to. And then, this summer, when my mum downsized (a wee bit) from that house to a townhouse, I took the opportunity to plunder (see what I did, there?) her belongings, and they came to live with me. 

Clearly they are the Flying Pig Knits new mascots. Only problem: they don't have names. Suggestions, anyone?


  1. I've always been partial to Erik as a viking name and how about Henrik and Daniel.

  2. I vote Sven, Thor & Henrik. The yarn is gorgeous.

  3. What is this bicycle yarn?!? What?!?!?

    And those be cute vikings indeed.

  4. Little Red Bicycle -- gorgeous stuff! She's on etsy: