Saturday, November 5, 2011

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

Something wonderful happened today.

On my way home from my shift at the shelter, I made my standard visit to Whole Paycheque. And, as I've done pretty much weekly for months and months and months, I headed to the yogurt section, in the hopes of finding a certain something. Something one of the very nice Whole Paycheque staff (and kitten adopter!) told me way back in 2010 was supposed to arrive in mid-February. First week of March at the latest. You know, just as soon as all the red tape surrounding importation of this item into Canada was cut and disposed of.

May I remind you that:

  • Piggy is not the most patient person on the planet; and
  • it is now November.

So I might, I think, be forgiven for losing faith in the nice Whole Paycheque dude who loves kittens. And for issuing a rather loud, stage-whisper-like "squee" (or rather, "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" upon seeing these:

Coconut yogurt comes to Canuckistan at last!

I might even be forgiven for dropping my basket on the floor in surprise, and doing a bit of a jig. You know, had I actually done that. Which I would never, ever have done. Nope.

These coconuts, against all expectations, finally arrived.

Now I'm just worried it won't live up to a year's worth of expectations. Verdict to come tomorrow. 


  1. Oo! I'm dairy-free right now, so you absolutely have to let me know how those are. :D

  2. Oh my oh my oh my oh my! Let me know how the vanilla is! I may have to creeeeeep into whole paycheque and try to escape with just the ice cream and not a 50$ of coconut ice cream and pastries. Oh pastries. All in all, I second your squeeeee.