Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tickle Trunk Times Two

In the comments for yesterday’s post, Rae asks, “...what exactly is your nieces’ tickle trunk?”

Sometimes I forget that Canadian popular culture is generally not so pervasive as that of our neighbours – or should I say neighbors – to the south. And, in the relatively rare instances when Canadians do rise to global prominence, too often – to Piggy’s mind, at least – these figures are not entirely worthy of such attention. I’m looking at you, Justin Bieber.

Ahem. Back to Rae’s question.

As pretty much all Canadians who haven’t spent their lives under a rock can tell you, a tickle trunk is a large trunk filled with clothes for dressing up in. Or, to be more accurate, the Tickle Trunk is a big red trunk decorated with painted flowers where Mr. Dressup keeps all his costumes.

Tickle Trunk sighting at 38 seconds:

Mr. Dressup -- along with his puppet friends Casey and Finnegan -- was appointment tv for the under-six set five days a week for 38 years on the good old CBC. It was a gentle, low-tech show that entertained while educating through stories, crafts and games.

Everyone watched Mr. Dressup. He was a huge part of the childhood of practically all Canadian children during his time on the air -- and beyond. I remember crying like a five-year-old when he died; it was just a week after 9/11, and his death was one of the few non-9/11-related items to make the national news that night.

I carry my own tickle trunk with me just about everywhere. Really, it's known as the tickle trunk among my local yarnies. Mine's not full of costumes, though...


Tickle Trunk contents

I might have to send some Mr. Dressup DVDs to my nieces in England, along with the rainbow shawlette. They may live in England, but they're still Canadian girls. :o)


  1. Aww I miss Mr. Dressup. I hope they're still playing reruns for the kids these days!

  2. Oh I love this post. I didn't know about Mr. Dressup until I moved to Canada. My husband is Canadian and he said to me "You don't know who Mr. Dressup is?!?!" "That's just sad" hehe

  3. I soooo watched Mr. Dressup for years! They didn't get him in the states? hmm...

  4. Wow now I have a name for the box I keep all my bits and bobs in.

  5. I miss Mr. Dressup :(

    Now I want my own tickle trunk full of costumes!

  6. Oh ok gotcha Mr Dressup is kinda like the Canadian version of Mr. Rogers. Your tickle trunk is more cooler then Mr. Dressups