Friday, March 4, 2011

Iced, Iced Baby!

Or, to be truly accurate, Iced, Iced, Iced Baby!

And no, I’m not talking about a certain rapper-turned-contractor. I’m talking about my first sweater-in-progress, Carol Feller's Iced cardigan. And two of its many cousins, which I met last night at my first North Van knit night at urban yarns.

Iced x 3

Here they all are, hanging out together at the end of the evening. Apologies for the craptastic shot. Left to right: mine, T(h)eresa’s and Betty’s.

Betty had cast off just a few minutes before; all that’s left for hers to graduate from WIP to FO is a button or two. Here’s a closer look:

Iced by 3catos

That's Mmmmmalabrigo Rasta, piglets! It's gorgeously soft and wonderful, and I think I might need to cast on a second Iced as soon as I finish the first, either in Rasta or possibly the gorgeously soft and chunky Fleece Artist (Big Blue, I think?) that T(h)eresa (totally forgot to ask for the spelling -- apologies!) is using.

You might have noticed that my Iced looks a little...well, flimsy compared to its cousins. That's because I'm knitting it at a thinner gauge, using Cascade Eco+ and 7.0 mm needles. I chose to do this after knitting (and washing and drying, I'll have you know!) the Swatch that Ate North Vancouver...

The Swatch that Ate North Van -- again

...using some of the teal Eco+ leftover from the Super-Secret-BirthdayWedding-Prezzie-Made-of-Lace™.

I got gauge using the Eco+ double-stranded. But I didn't like how thick and sturdy the fabric was. So I went with the lighter fabric of the first section of the swatch. Fortunately, no tricky math was involved: by using my preferred gauge and knitting the 3X size as written, I should end up with the 1X size, which is the one I want.

Although having seen the heavier gauge knitted up, I really like it, and think it would make a great spring jacket, rather than a layering cardigan. So I might actually need a second Iced. :o)

Here's a better pic of mine, several inches of body ago:

Super-smooth sailing, almost all of it done on the bus. Piggy likey.


  1. Why is it that I enjoy knitting math but despise hand calculations in statistics?

    Looks great!

  2. Nice post, and thanks for the credit! It was great to come to Knit Night and find two others working on Iced!!

    Enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you again soon. Hope that we can all pose in our finished sweaters one day...

    Where did you get that great purple bag that says Keep Calm and Carry Yarn?? I want one!

    Teresa (without an "h", and thanks for checking)