Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Remember that yarn bomb I happened upon last month? I'd promised to let you know if the cozy was still keeping the tree warm the following Wednesday.

And then I took a different route to my appointment, bypassing the tree. Two weeks in a row.

I’d completely forgotten about it, and wasn’t looking for the tree yesterday, when an entirely different appointment took me to the same neighbourhood. So I was about half a block past the tree before I thought to check.

And guess what?

Still there!

Still there. And in good shape, too, despite some truly craptastic recent weather. (Well, perhaps not by the bulk of North America’s standards lately, as it’s just been rain, not snowmageddon…but still.)

I was surprised enough to grab one of the freebie papers from a nearby box for proof:

Still there!

Yeah, ok, Piggy’s a bit of a dweeb.


  1. No proof needed, you have a trustworthy face! :) It looks as good as the day they put it up! Thanks for the update.

  2. I would love to see something like that around here.