Friday, January 28, 2011

FO Friday: F@ck Cancer! Hat

Hooray for a finished object! Boooooo for the necessity of this one.

Here is the completed F@ck Cancer! Hat for TangledSkein's mum:

F@ck Cancer Hat

Sorry for the craptastic pic; winter at the crack o'dawn isn't conducive to quality photography. Couple that with my severe lack of skillz, and you get what you get.

A close-up of the lacy bits (oooh, that sounds a tad naughty!):

F@ck Cancer Hat

Project Details

Pattern: Lace-Edged Women’s Hat by Julie Hentz
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, 112 yards of the Plum colourway
Needles: 4mm/US6
Modifications: None

I knit the medium size; the designer says she encourages people to go with the small, as it is a really stretchy hat that will fit most people, but I wasn't convinced going in. I'm even less convinced now, as it is rather snug on me.

I'm not entirely thrilled with my choice of yarn. Calmer is stretchy – sproingy, even – which doesn't really show the lace off to its best advantage. The fabric also manages to be stretchy yet just a bit stiff at the same time. Mind you, that is likely user error: I didn't swatch (surprise, surprise), and I don't think I adjusted my tension to compensate for the yarn's give. I suspect going up one needle size might help.

But even if it doesn’t fit TangledMom, it should get some use; she is planning to donate several of the mountain of caps she’ll be collecting to other chemo patients.

Which sucks, of course. It would be far nicer if there was no need for this particular FO.

Fuck cancer.


  1. I agree with you F@uck Cancer cause it sucks but I do like your hat.

  2. Beautiful hat, just really sucks that it will be needed.

  3. I swear I left a comment. Did gremlins show up here and eat it? lol
    It's a beautiful hat!