Saturday, December 4, 2010

T'was three weeks until Christmas

And in her wee space, Piggy was tinking and frogging and cursing apace.

Well, the frogging hasn't happened yet. I'm being proactive in my verse.

As per ususal, I've far too many gift knitting projects on my list, and far too little time in which to knit them. Why do I do this to myself? Every year, I say I'll start earlier, plan fewer projects, and have them all knit, blocked and wrapped up way ahead of time. And it never ends up that way.

One bright note, though: I did manage to finish my Festivus Miracle Swap-o-rama prezzie weeks and weeks ahead of schedule. I'll post some pictures of it after next week's swap dinner. Hopefully my spoilee will like it.

I can show you the start of one Christmas project: a Multnomah (Rav linky) for my mum (who doesn't read the blog).


I'm using Handmaiden Mini Maiden in the Sangria colourway...gorgeous stuff. I'm actually a bit further along than this; I'll take another picture soon.

So, how's your holiday knitting coming along? Do you have a long list of gift projects? All finished? Haven't started? Or are you one of those wise stitchers who has sworn off holiday gift knitting?


  1. I used to be one of those who sworn off gift crafting. This year there is more yarn than money, so I'm grumbling the gift knitting. I'm about at the halfway point, I think, I hope.

    Love your shawl and the color is wonderful.

  2. I'm almost done... finished 3 hats for Steve's sisters and brother-in-law and a lap blanket for grandma. I'm working on socks for my sister's fiance, and just have mitts for my mom's boyfriend left, which shouldn't take too long.

  3. I'm almost done too. Right, I say that but then I'll suddenly think I need to make something else. Sigh. ;)

  4. Love the colour! *swoon!*

    I just knit what I knit and those people I don't have to buy for. I don't plan the Xmas knitting or it makes me crazy and resent it. I guess I just don't do deadlines -- haha!

  5. Done and Done! I have them all listed on a special tab on my blog called "Xmas 2010". They're mostly mailed off already too! YAY!

  6. The only thing I knit this year were dishcloths for sticking stuffers everyone keeps saying they want more. Other then that no other holiday knitting.