Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Now would be a particularly good time to win the lottery...

...because I've got just 25 days of yarn shopping left until 2012.

Stop laughing.

Come January first, Piggy will be on a serious yarn diet. And unlike my previous -- and entirely unsuccessful -- efforts at masochistic self-denial fibrous restraint, this time I'll be in good company: several of my fellow members of the Pre-Process Knitters Ravelry group.

We're having a wee challenge in the New Year. Two, actually: a Yarn Diet (last one to cave and buy yarn is the winner) and a Stashdown (most yards knit and/or crocheted in 2011 takes the title). In addition to the obvious glory that comes with saving money and churning out lots of beautiful projects, prizes of a fibre-y nature will also be awarded. (Hint: Wollmeise Lace will be among them.)

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, 'But Piggy, this doesn't sound very pre-process.' And you're right; it's not. That's why it's a challenge, you see. And temporary.

In my case, likely very temporary.

Care to join us? Sign up here!


  1. It's very late and I all could of was there is only 25 days left til 2012. I had to think a good bit about where 2011 went.

    I've been on yarn diet for 2 years, my budget dictates.

    Good luck with yours. Hide that big stash you just showed us around the house, then when you find a skein, it will be all new again.

  2. hehe! I like that idea of Denise's! Also, I've been finding that yarn SWAPPING is a great way to get new yarn without buying it! If you see something on my Rav page you like, we could talk about a little swappy-swap!

  3. I"m quite excited about this challenge. Do we have a badge? I love badges on my blog. (Just sayin') And oh a can't wait to find out who will be "the Kramer."