Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stash Enhancement Sunday

It's highly unlikely you'll be reading this on Sunday -- it's 11:43 p.m. as I'm typing -- but I'm aiming to have this posted on Sunday. So there.

I figure Sunday is a good day for posting the week's stash enhancement, so I think this will be the first of a regular feature. Let's face it: the week where Piggy doesn't obtain new yarn is a rare one indeed.

So, quick and dirty this go 'round, since I'm short on time. Here are last week's additions to the stash chez Piggy:

Natural Dye Studio British BFL 4-ply/sock
British Blue Faced Leicester 4-ply/sock from The Natural Dye Studio

Don't you just love the label with the noble-looking BFL? This came to me from Susan in Scotland, who offered it in the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Swap Group. Many thanks, Susan, I love it.

Basil & Squash Mission Falls 136
Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash in Basil and Squash

Picked up today at Three Bags Full, at 30% off. And -- wait for it -- I have an actual plan for this.

WD - Dunkel Kirsche perhaps
Wollmeise Twin We're Different -- no colourway given, but I'm pretty sure it's Dunkle Kirsche

This came from a Rav destash. The plan was to have a skein I didn't really love, so I could trade it on Rav for another colourway I preferred. Not going to happen -- I adore it. Which is a good thing, as I totally buggered up the label after taking this shot, to see what it was intended to be!

So...what's new in your stash?


  1. Nothing new with my stash but I do covet your stash!! hehe :D

  2. It was great to meet you on Sunday.
    I don't think I'll be adding any fabulous yarns in the near future because I need to watch the ole budget as I will be traveling soon. However, I do need to get some yarn to knit my grandson a vest. It will be my first sweater! My daughter wants it to be cheap yarn because she's worried she will ruin it in the wash on accident. lol So I am not sure what I'll get just yet but I want to get something soon.
    Your pictures are gorgeous! I wish I had a decent camera. That British Blue Faced Leicester is so beautiful! Oh they all are but that one is my favourite!

  3. I'm drooling over that first pic. I am trying NOT to add to my stash, hard as it may be...

  4. Jimmy Hoffa could be in my stash, I'm not sure I'd notice unless he was in the sock yarn. ;)

    You must knit socks this fall/winter! It is a moral imperative! ;)

  5. I just bought a few skeins of acrylic yarn and some cotton at Michaels this past weekend. It's for a few Christmas presents that I decided I needed to start ASAP!

    Since you do a stash post Sundays, feel free to add your link to my Flash Your Stash meme (a lot like WIPW but ongoing on the same Mr Linky). Here's the link: