Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pre-Process Knitters of the world, unite!

Yesterday, rather on the spur of the moment (I may have been about ready to defenestrate myself in order to end the mind-numbing boredom that my work, or rather lack of it, inspires, but don’t quote me on that), I started the Pre-Process Knitters Ravelry group.

If you’re one of the kind souls who’ve visited this blog a few times, you’ll likely know that I am the self-appointed Queen of the Pre-Process Knitters. If, however, you’ve stumbled upon it for the first time, and have absolutely no idea what I could possibly be talking about, you might want to check out the post that started it all.

If you really hate reading long, self-indulgent posts (although if you’re still here, you clearly don’t), you could just skip to the quick self-test up there. Come back when you’re done. And hurry, ok? The rest of us will be talking about you behind your back while we wait.

Oh, ok, fine. I’ll give you the 25-words-and-under version here, then:

Pre-Process Knitters suffer from intend-on-itis; we tend to participate in more project planning, shopping and discussion than actual knitting.

Right. So, now you should pop on over to Ravelry and join the group. You don’t need to be congenitally pre-process; occasional sufferers are welcome, too. As are pre-process crocheters and spinners – the more the merrier.

You have nothing to lose but pages from your queue (i.e., gaining FOs). Or maybe not. No pressure, really.

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  1. joined :D as I've thought more and more about your preprocess knitters, i've figured that is what i am!