Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Piggy's in love

Well, it might not be love, exactly. More like an infatuation. Potentially, if I’m not careful, an addiction. I should probably walk away now, before the situation spirals out of control and I become unable to focus on anything else.

The name of my new love: Milo. Milo is Australian. And very attractive, but not ostentatiously so, if you know what I mean. Ruggedly handsome and yet not afraid to show a feminine side.

Easy-going and dependable, but not boring, Milo really is a dream.

Of a pattern.

Milo is, in fact, a rather sweet vest for babies and young children – sizes range from newborn to six years – designed by Georgie Hallam. It is equally suitable for boys and girls, making it an ideal choice for baby shower knitting when the mum-to-be doesn’t know (or chooses not to reveal) the baby’s sex.

Piggy's first Milo

Knit in the round from the top down, Milo is seamless – happy, happy, joy, joy! – and features a single off-set cable. Five cable options are given – the one above is the Aran braid – and it would be quite easy to substitute another 12-stitch cable of your choice.

This first Milo was knit for Tadpole, my fellow Malabrigo Junkie and Ravenclaw rchrispy’s baby-to-be. He is due in October, so I chose a warm wool.

Project Details (Raveled here):

Pattern: Milo, by Georgie Hallam (Ravelry download here)
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Donegal, Colony Blue colourway; approximately 1.33 skeins/133 metres/145 yards
Needles 3.75mm / US 5 KnitPicks Harmony fixed 16” circular
Size: 6 months
Start to Finish: July 3-10, 2010
Notes: Swatch FAIL – I knew I should have swatched in the round, but I was lazy and didn’t. So I ended up with a smaller garment than intended, but it should be fine for baby. I used the Aran braid cable. Otherwise no problems at all – very clear pattern and easy knitting.

For my second Milo, which is not quite finished yet, I’m using a cotton-soy blend better suited for summer. You'll see it soon.

And I anticipate a few more Milos to come. I really am smitten.


  1. I love Milo! Must make one myself soon...

  2. Adorable. Love top down. Love seamless.

  3. Lovely! I've had the pattern for a while, but haven't made one. Yours is inspiring me to get off me bum and finally make one.

  4. Darling! I love it, too!

    Glad to see you back. I had been checking for awhile and was worried you might have left the blogosphere. :)