Friday, June 4, 2010

Stash acquisition > stash usage

I'm pretty sure I hit S.A.B.L.E. (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) quite a long time ago, but there's little evidence of improvement in either the yarn diet or knitting output departments chez Piggy. Science textbooks should include Piggy as a classic example of inertia -- I'm just not going to change direction on my own.

As you've probably guessed, I've done next-to-nothing on the actual knitting front, and a whole lot on the pre-process knitting front.

Last night, for the second Thursday in a row, I stalked the Wollmeise shop and came away with two skeins -- this time, in Pesto (nom, nom, NOM). And I think I may have neglected to mention the skein of Malabrigo Worsted I scooped up last weekend:


Mmmmmmmmmmm, Malabrigo! Little Lovely colourway, which is lovely indeed.

And on the not-quite-knitting-but-close front, I've spent the past three days planning my project for Ancient Runes this month. Serious research has been involved. And also yarn shopping. Fortunately today's purchases were much more modest: two skeins of Cascade 220. More on this project later.

Meanwhile, Ebony has been hanging out in the garden.


She's still hunting squirrels, but fortunately the death count is holding at two. I think the little buggers have wised up and are, for the most part, laying low (by which I mean high) when Ebby is outside.

Right. I'm off to start my Runes project...about a bajillion stitches of stocking stitch in WHITE white before anything remotely interesting happens, so don't get your hopes up for a good pic anytime soon, eh?


  1. Mmm...that Malabrigo is a gorgeous color. And maybe Ebony just thinks they're fuzzy tennis balls? ;)

  2. So I haven't purchased yarn in almost a year and there is no discernible dent in my stash. Guess I'll have to knit more! :-)

  3. That color is lovely and s-a-b-l-e was a hoot. Its hard when someone holds up a mirror and u see you've been part of the s-a-b-l-e league but was in deep denial -smiles-

  4. A bajillion stitches in white stockinette? Yipes.

  5. hi! i just passed along an award to you - you'll see it in this post. i really enjoy your blog!