Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm living with a serial killer (and other believe-it-or-not news)

You know how crime reports often feature quotes from incredulous neighbours of freshly captured alleged killers? "I never would have guessed good old Ralph was an axe murderer. He was always so friendly and helpful."

Well, it's Piggy's turn to be fooled. For this week, I have discovered that a close pal and sometimes-roommate is, in fact, a ruthless killer. And a charismatic one at that. Somehow she's managed to enlist me as her fixer: I clean up the body one minute, then prepare her dinner the next.

Y'all remember Ebby, right?

Ebony 11-22-09

Don't be fooled by those puppy-dog eyes. That, my friends, is a picture of a cold-blooded assassin. Two poor, innocent squirrels so far this week. Not. Pleasant.

More Shocking News

Brace yourselves, piglets: yesterday I finally cast on for Spring Leaves.

swatch window

I know. There's not much there. But it's enough to count as a swatch for the purposes of an O.W.L. proposal. I only just made the 11:59 pm deadline, too. (Many thanks to my tweeps, particularly chrispy, for their encouragement and chart-deciphering skills!)

I love, love, love the Mistelzweig (Misteltoe) Wollmeise. Such a gorgeous colour.

And the unlikely news keeps coming...yesterday I completed two projects. Modest projects, to be sure, but House Cup points-getters nonetheless.

First up, a bib for my wee friend Emily:

Imp Bib

Emmy's a bit of a cheeky monkey herself, so I think this pattern is appropriate. I used this for May Ancient Runes (Gebo = gift) and Ravenclaw's May Monkey Madness challenge.

Project Details:

Pattern: Imp Bib, by Elaine Fitzpatrick (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, Pale Yellow, about 3/4 skein
Needles: 4 mm/ US 6
Modifications: I used a garter stitch edging and the short-row shaping instructions from the designer's Hippity Hop! bib pattern instead of seed stitch and casting on stitches every row of the bottom border.

The other project isn't really worth showing, but what the heck...at my rate of production, I can't be picky, right?

So for May Potions, I made an extra-absorbent coaster for my Bodum, using three strands of dishcloth cotton and 7 mm needles.

yep, it's a square coaster alright

on the job2

More Stash Enhancement

As I hinted at in the last post, I did indeed stay up late and stalked the Wollmeise shop for the regular Thursday night (Pacific time) update. And I just might have bought two skeins of Blaue Tinte (Blue Ink) 100%. Maybe.


  1. Mmmmmm, Blue Ink, that sounds positively succulent! Glad to see the starting of the Spring Leaves and sorry I was such a crap friend and not around last night when you needed me. :) It looks lovely though!

    Also, serial killer interviews, you will always hear the phrase, "He was so quiet!?!?!?!" Well yeah, you don't have a lot to say to regular folks when your idea of fun is dismemberment. Shudder

  2. Sorry about the serial killer. All of your last minute projects are great (SOAR Ravenclaw!) I decided against an OWL 'cause I am just too darn lazy and didn't want to swatch all day Sunday. Plus I have a bit of a problem with knitcommitment. I'm looking forward to reading about your OWL progress.

  3. I do so enjoy your posts! This is the second time in a week that I'm hearing about Harry Potter knitting. What's this all about? Someone fill me in on what I'm missing! :)

  4. Stop making me jealous with all your wollmeise updates :p I hear so much about it that i really have to try it! I love the green of your spring leaves.

  5. What kind of squirrels are favoured by Ebby? If it's the horrid black/gray ones, can I borrow her come walnut season?

    Congrats on all the successful knitting!

  6. I sympathize about the squirrels. One of my Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) apparently thinks he needs to herd squirrels. I found about 2 inches of the end of a squirrel's tail in the yard and then discovered Conner had a nice little slash along the tip to side of his nose. He hasn't been as excited to go outside since then.:)