Thursday, May 27, 2010

An unintentionally sinister FO

Many thanks for the compliments on the Hemlock Ring blanket. It was an enjoyable knit, with nice results. I'd consider knitting another...eventually. But no, Ypsilanti Liz, Piggy is unlikely to become a process knitter anytime soon!

I have, however, whipped up a quick little project for my Charms homework:


I'm calling him my "Better get my O.W.L. done" owl. I used Raynor Gellatly's Owlies pattern (Ravelry link) and scraps of Vanna's Choice in Ravenclaw-appropriate colours.

His menacing stare (as with all my previous stuffies, I've managed to insert the child-safe eyes just off-centre, giving the thing a slightly derranged visage) might just light a fire under my butt to start Spring Leaves (remember Spring Leaves, anyone?) by the O.W.L. proposal deadline on Monday.

And in stash-enchancement news, these pretties were waiting for me at the post office yesterday:

Lavendel & Hortensie Twin

Wollmeise Twin in Lavendel and Horstensie (Hydrangea). So, so pretty. Unfortunately my camera has an absolute devil of a time with purples, so here's a colour-corrected (sort of, anyway) shot of the Lavendel.

Lavendel Twin

It's not right, either, but closer to the real shade than the other photo. It's almost electric. Too, too gorgeous. I'll never tire of Wollmeise; might have to stalk tonight...


  1. I must make Monsieur Owl. I think I've decided not to try an OWL this term and to wait until next year's Summer term. I just know that the minute I commit to something I will immediately lose interest and not want to do it!
    I am seriously jealous of your Wollmeise!

  2. I am jealous of you WM stash I hope to get my hands on some one day.

  3. those are my two most coveted shades of Wollmeise!

  4. Ehem, where do you get your Wollmeise? I can't seem to find it anywhere! BTW Love the jewel tone colors. They are so beautiful.

  5. Loving the wollmeise. I saw some sinister looking fabric owls when I was in York yesterday, their eyes were narrowed and they were pure evil. It reminded me of your blog post :)

  6. I LOVE the sinister owl, and that yarn is very prettty!

  7. I got mentioned on someone else's blog!! Woo-hoo! I feel so honored! Thank you. The owl is cute, by the way!