Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Truly Lovely way to help kick cancer's ass

Cancer sucks. Pretty much everyone has been affected by it, either first-hand or through the experience of a loved one. So finding a cure is something we can all get behind, right? We don't really need an inducement to give what we can to the cause.

But it can't hurt, either. Especially when it looks like this:

Wenat's True Love Stole - Bid on it and help kick cancer's ass!

Photo: Gladys We (wenat)

That, my friends, is the True Love Stole, the latest of wenat's signature pooling designs. Knit with Wollmeise in the True Love colourway.

And it could be yours, piglets. Yep, this beauty is up for auction on the Yarn Floozies blog. And one hundred per cent of the winning bid will go to the Canadian Cancer Society as part of the 2010 Ride2Survive Fundraiser.

Next month, a whole bunch of seriously cool people -- including wenat's husband Tony and her co-blogger yarnfloozy's husband Markus -- will cycle 400 kilometres (that's 250 miles) from Kelowna to Vancouver to raise funds for a cure. In one day.

Dudes. They're going to climb 2,000 feet more than the longest stage in last year's Tour de France. And 170 kilometres longer. The least we can do to support them is bid on a gorgeous shawl made with gorgeous yarn, no? Oh, the sacrifice!

I mean, really. This is a seriously gorgeous thing. And let's face it, in the unlikely event you aren't in love with pink or purple, or pink and purple together, or lace (although you'd have to be seriously freaking nuts not to like lace, especially when all the work's done for you), someone you know is. Early winter-holiday-of-your-choosing shopping, anyone? Go put in a bid, ok? The auction closes on Sunday, May 23rd, at 8 p.m. Pacific time.

But wait, there's more!

No joke, piglets. Because wenat and yarnfloozy are also holding a raffle for a whole whack of lovely prizes, including a ton o' yarn, two gorgeous quilts, more yarn, hand-knit socks and yet more yarn. And more prizes are coming in.

All you need to do is make a donation to Team Purl Jam by Sunday, June 6 at noon Pacific time. Each $5 gets you one entry (so $25 gets you five, and so on).

So go visit the Yarn Floozies and Team Purl Jam, give what you can, feel good that you're helping (and if you're like Piggy, relieved you aren't the one on the bike!) and give yourself a chance (or ten) at some lovely fibre-y prizes.


  1. Lovely prize, indeed! And like you said, thank goodness we're not the ones on the bike. Eep!

  2. A beautiful shawl for a really wonderful cause!

  3. That is gorgeous & its for a great cause. I have known may to many people with Cancer.