Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swappity Goodness!

I love getting mail. Real, proper mail. Especially of the parcel variety. And extra-especially when the parcel is from a Malabrigo Swap partner.

Guess what arrived yesterday? You got it, my Mal Swap package. From sarahlu, who totally spoiled Piggy rotten.


The theme of this round is "It's All in the Bag" -- everything in the package had to fit into a project bag. And piglets, I am not ashamed to say I let out a pretty loud whoop when I opened the box and pulled out this:

My First Sheepie Bag!

A super-duper project bag from Dancing Sheep! My first (definitely not my last) Sheepie bag! And how cute are those hedgies? Especially the ones wearing scarves!

I LOVE this bag. So many of my fellow Mal Gals have Sheepie bags and love them, and I can see why: in addition to the lovely fabric, this thing is really well made. And it's BIG:

It's a Biiiiiiig Bag!

It doesn't look like it, but there's a whole lotta good stuff in there.

All of It

The rundown:
  • large Dancing Sheep project bag;
  • The Art & Craft of Natural Dyeing by J.N. Liles -- Sarah totally stalked my amazon wishlist;
  • wool wash -- Kookaburra (tea tree & lavender -- nom, nom, NOM), and three varieties of Eucalan (natural, eucalyptus and lavender);
  • three mini bars of absolutely gorgeously scented soap from Lucia -- Wild Ginger & Fresh Fig, Tea Leaf & Wild Honey and Thyme Flower and Coriander;
  • Post-it flags -- which will come in handy for you-know-what(!);
  • a pair of the new steeking scissors from KnitPicks (no promises they'll be used for steeking anytime soon!);
  • a row counter/stitch marker from KnitPicks (love these!);
  • a super-cute polka-dotted notions bag with an H (and band of hot Piggy pink!);
  • a bar of organic, fair-trade dark chocolate with cherries and almonds (erm...all gone, it was terrible!); 
  • a pretty notepad, perfectly sized for including in my project bag; and, last but not least...
  • a skein of Twist in Tuareg -- SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

But wait, there's more! Sarah will be e-mailing me patterns soon! No idea what they are yet...I can't wait to see. Sarah, thank you sooooo much for the absolutely wonderful package -- you nailed it!

* * *
In other news, the Super-Secret-Birthday-Prezzie-Made-Of-Lace is going smoothly again. I dare not say more...


  1. Wow! What a haul! What a great swap partner.

  2. Great partner you got there. The bag is gorgeous & I am happy your secret project is going well.

  3. Oh wow. That is an amazing package! I'm taking part in my first swap soon. I can't wait to try get a nice collection of stuff to send off :)