Saturday, May 15, 2010

Still knitting like a fiend...

...and still no pictures to show you, I'm afraid.

I've been remarkably faithful to the Super-Secret-Birthday-Prezzie-Made-Of-Lace, and it's still. not. done. But it will be soon -- it looks like I'll be casting off tomorrow. Which would be -- wait for it -- a full two weeks ahead of schedule. Unheard of for Piggy. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, how about a picture of a crazy-huge hot pink rhododendron?

Giant Rhodo

Isn't it glorious? I spotted this on the drive to the SPCA this morning, and actually slammed on the brakes, backed up and dug out my camera to capture it.

Fortunately the Green Bomber (that would be my ancient GTI, for the new folks) was fresh from the repair shop, where yesterday a wizard of a mechanic welded a decidedly non-VW-stock piece of pipe onto its muffler, thereby saving Piggy a bajillion dollars and the neighbours of this crazy-huge hot pink rhododendron a rather nasty wake-up call. But I digress.

Onto the SPCA, where, after cuddling a few cats and dogs, I headed to the laundry room, where I discovered this rather ominous directive:

Laundry serious business

Roger that. Time to work on more light-weight blankies! (And if anyone out there would like to donate some industrial-strength machines to the West Van SPCA, please feel free.)

What else do I have for you...hmm...oh! Piggy predictably fell off the wagon on Thursday night, and managed to emerge from the melee that is a Wollmeise update with two skeins of Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin, in Hortensie (Hydrangea) and Lavendel (I'm sure that one doesn't require translation). Score!


  1. Congrats on being ahead of schedule and on the Wollmeise!

  2. Its great to be ahead of the deadline. Way to go on the Wollmeise.

  3. If one were to make a light weight blankie.....
    what would that be like?
    Fleece, sock yarn?
    What do they need?

  4. That must be one bitch of a rhodi to deadhead after it finishes flowering. I'll bet they either a) pay the neighbour kid or b) have a gardener!

  5. Way to go with the blanket! And I'm very jealous about the Wollmeise.

  6. what is it with this wollmeise?? I hear so many tales of amazingness and stupid ebay listings. Is it really as wonderful as it's made out to be :)