Friday, May 7, 2010

I'd like to use a lifeline, Regis

Still no Spring Leaves to show you. Nope, not even a cast on. I've been too busy frogging and re-casting on for the super-secret-birthday-present-made-of-lace (SSBPMOL) I can't show you. But the good news is, because I finally gave in and used a lifeline, I'm back on track.

Piggy's introduction to lifelines was not, however, without incident. And I feel it is my duty to pass on a few key observations I gleaned from today's adventures:

  • When choosing a material for your lifeline, think thin -- a yarn two weights lighter than what you're using in your project, for example. Or better yet, crochet thread. Crochet thread is always a good choice.
  • Unless it is impregnated with metallic stuff that is just shy of the consistency of steel wool.
  • Once you've picked out all the metallic shards from your knitting, frogged back a couple of rounds to where your precious yarn no longer resembles a rat's nest, cut all that away, attached new yarn and knit back to where you were, a large drink is in order. Remember, piglets, it's five o'clock somewhere.
  • No matter how thin and smooth it might be, not to mention pleasing to the eye, it's not a good idea for your lifeline to be the same shade as your yarn.
  • This is not a time to be scrupulously tidy; don't trim the ends of your lifeline too much. Knitting stretches.
  • For the love of all things holy, when adding your second (third, fourth...) lifeline, don't remove earlier ones. You just might need them. 

In other news...I managed to get some more of my Saroyan done last night at the Vancouver Fibre League meetup. I've now completed the straight section, and started the decreases. I likely won't be working on it again until next Thursday, though, as the SSBPMOL, Spring Leaves and my other assignments for the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup will be keeping me busy.


  1. "Unless it is impregnated with metallic stuff that is just shy of the consistency of steel wool."

    I love you!

  2. Linda in Alameda, CAMay 7, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    Next time you might try using dental floss for the lifeline. I do, and it slides easily through the stitches. The little container of floss takes up little room in my knitting bag.

  3. I own 2 things on crochet cotton but I swear whenever I need it I can never find it lol. I can't wait to see the secret project.

  4. we're doing a lace knitting class at the store, and yes I am participating.... i use the word loosely (well, looser than my tension) we use dental floss for lifelines and it works great.

  5. wow... I think I will be using a lifeline Regis (or Cash Cab guy)

  6. oh man! Do you live in Vancouver? Like, the BC one not the Washington one?? I'm from there (the BC one. lol) and I miss it SO MUCH! I'm going to be in town for a week this summer and was wondering how I would find the best yarn stores for my souvenir from home! Could you give me your very most favorite one? :)

    Thanks! I'm totally becoming a follower! :D