Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blocking out the blocking


It seems Piggy has found something more painful than lace knitting: lace blocking. And I do mean painful: I've got cuts under my fingernails thanks to all the pulling out and re-insertion of three boxes of T-pins into the completed Super-Secret-Birthday-Present-Made-Of-Lace yesterday.

I suspect I might not be using them correctly.

Anyhoo, as I can't show you any pictures yet, how about I show you a couple of my mum's holiday snaps from her recent trip to Australia? Don't panic -- just two, I promise.

First up, some happy sheep:

Pip's Merinos

These adorable merinos belong to my mum's old school chum Pip and her husband. See that ram in the middle there? He's really happy: he's just (hopefully) impregnated all those ewes.

I was hoping Mum would be bringing a fleece home with her, but no such luck. All of Pip's superfine merino gets shipped off to Italy (apparently there is no commercial spinning left in Australia), where it's spun up and eventually ends up as fancy rugs.

When they weren't hanging with the sheep, Pip and Mum did a bunch of other stuff, including taking a look at some student artwork by Lake Jindabyne -- where Mum spotted one installation she figured I might particularly like:

Jindabyne Flying Piggies

Aussie flying piggies!


  1. :) to the sheepies :( to the cuts. Could you use another kind of pin, like the ones with the colorful balls in the end?

  2. How on earth are you using the t-pins?? Poor Piggy :(

  3. Cute little sheepies. I also need to ask what is going on with the pins?

  4. Isn't Malabrigo based in Australia? David Reidy (Sticks and String) did a whole series on his podcast a couple of years ago about a woolen mill in New South Wales, I think.

  5. So many little time. When your mom returned home, did you ask her,"Where's the fleece???',-smiles-

  6. Sheepies! Flying piggies! It's nirvana, really. :)

    Don't feel bad. There is always blood and swearing when I block with pins. Sigh. We're dorks, you and I.