Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where's Piggy been hiding?

I'm currently in Gibsons, house-sitting for my mum as she swans about Australia visiting family and old friends. (And alpacas and merinos, too -- how jealous is Piggy? Very jealous. But I digress.)

Anyhoo. This particular visit to the Sunshine Coast has been particularly enjoyable because of a new addition to the community.


Gibsons finally has a proper yarn shop! And it's a beauty, piglets.

Unwind Knit and Fibre Lounge opened last month in a convenient location right off the Sunshine Coast Highway. From the street the modern coplex looks like any other mini mall, but once you get to the shop door, you know you're in for a treat.


And the inside doesn't disappoint. Far from it. The shop is bright and welcoming, as is its friendly owner, Kim. There's plenty of room to move around comfortably as you check out all the lovely yarns and goodies on display.

Piggy was immediately called to the Malabrigo Worsted on one wall, but managed eventually to break away to fondle a great assortment of yarns, including lines from Mirasol, Noro, Diamond Luxury, Viking, Aslan Trends, Debbie Bliss, Sirdar, Galway, SWTC and local British Columbian treats Sweet Georgia and Indigo Moon. And more is coming in, the shop's facebook updates tell me.

There's also a good selection of needles and hooks (ChiaoGoo, Lantern Moon); Namaste bags and needle cases; buttons and other notions, and books and magazines are on the way, too. Oh, and beads:


And the best part? Plenty of space for classes and social knitting! Just a few weeks in, the Friday knit night is busy -- last Friday a few knitters ran home to bring extra chairs!




In addition to Friday knit night (6-9 p.m.), Kim has just introduced Tuesday afternoon knitting from 2-5. So I've got to get cracking...


  1. Wow it looks huge and awesome!!! Totally going to go to Gibsons FibreFest and visit!!

  2. What a great addition to the area. Just lovely.

  3. Totally Awesome!
    I love your writings (I read a bit)... you're quite hilarious! love it!

  4. I was wondering where you were last night -- glad you found yarn! :D