Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Turning the corner

I am now officially well on the way to completing my first schlarf! (Thanks to AmyB for passing on Dunckie's name for a shawl/scarf hybrid.)

Saroyan - 60 per cent

Twenty leaves knitted on my Saroyan -- it's now just shy of 60 per cent complete. I'm a smidge concerned that it looks like someone has taken the province of Alberta and given it a hard blocking lengthwise, but am trying not to panic.

By Piggy's rather poor standards, that's a lot of progress since the last time you saw it, just one week ago. When its length fit easily within the confines of this table's top.

Saroyan - 60 per cent (plus 40 per cent of Bailey!)

Of course, it is quite a small table. Dog for scale.

That's Bailey, my friend's dog. I'm looking after her while her owner is swanning about Indonesia. Ok, ok. He's working. Whatever. He's doing it in a foreign country, so his life is obviously far more exciting than mine.

Bailey just happens to be, by my reckoning, the snoriest and fartiest dog in these parts. It's been quite the week or so chez Piggy's mum, let me tell you.


It's a good thing she's cute.

Contest Update

We're up to 65 nominees in the Tell Piggy What to Knit! contest. I've been studying them all a bit, and have already come up with a preliminary long (very long!) list. But I'd love to have some more entries (there are a few patterns I was hoping to see entered, so I know there are plenty left for you to pick), and I'm sure you would like to win some yarn or a pattern from your queue, no? Of course you would!

To enter, go here and leave your suggestion for a non-triangular, not-too-difficult lace stole/wrap pattern in the comments. Remember to check the nominees first, as duplicate entries won't be counted.


  1. It's a good thing I don't love long rectangular knitted objects (aka scarves and stoles) -- this contest has the potential to be a queue buster! Good stuff in there...

  2. Hi Bailey! Tell Auntie Piggy to snorgle your ears for me. :) And you know what Bailey, if you whisper Richard Armitage in Auntie Piggy's ear, she will totally give you more yummies. Trust me!

    Saroyan is looking lovely. If it's Alberta-esque does that make the leaves the rockies? Just curious.

    Code message - the spinning alpaca continues apace. I repeat, the spinning alpaca continues apace. Beentsy out.

  3. She *is* cute! I love Saroyan and schlarf is a great term!