Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time to Vote!

Oh my, but it was painful to come up with a short list of just five patterns from all the lovelies you suggested. Ninety-one of them, to be exact. Truly, you all have magnificent taste, and I hated each cut I made. (I should have seen this problem coming, of course...serves me right!)

But it had to be done, of course. So here, then, are the candidates, listed in the order they were nominated:
You can see them together in this folder in my Ravelry queue.

Voting starts now -- using the poll thingymabob over there at the top of the sidebar, please, not by leaving a comment -- and runs until May 1. Off you go!


  1. I am so sad you didn't pick any of mine. I am weeping. WEEPING!!!

    In other news I vote for Spring Leaves.

    Now back to comfort myself in a bottle of gin.

  2. I vote for Spring Leaves...looks good in any color.

  3. Ruthless! How did you ever narrow it down to 5 choices?? I voted Nefertiti.

  4. I can't decide! I don't know how you got it down to five... I added nine or 10 to my faves alone, and I don't even like to knit long rectangular objects ;)

  5. Spring Leaves!

    Hey, Yonners, don't be hogging all that gin! :)

  6. Nefertiti, keep in mind, has EIGHTEEN CHARTS. I've done two of them, though.. haha.

    And I would have nominated it, had I known about this sooner. Sadfaaace