Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Loads of Lace (& Piggy pancakes!)

Wow, you guys. Just one day in to the Tell Piggy What to Knit! contest, and I already have a list of 50 -- yes, 50 patterns to choose from! Keep 'em coming!

A few quick notes:
  1. I've edited the contest post to make eligible patterns available anywhere online as long as they accept PayPal chequing; I've also raised the maximum cost of paid patterns to US $10.
  2. I've made a new tab in my Ravelry queue for the nominated patterns (with the exception of one pattern, Amille by knitterain, which is still in test-knitting stage, so I've faved it instead) so you can see them easily; 
  3. Hopefully point #2 will help any new commenters see what has already been nominated -- if it's already in there, please suggest something else, so you will be eligible for the prizes! (I'm looking at you, Amy in Virginia and Joan in France!)
There are already so many lovely patterns to choose from -- it's going to be difficult to come up with a short list! But this is the part of knitting I really enjoy (surprise, surprise), so the more the merrier! I'll be accepting suggestions as comments under the original contest post (don't worry Joan in France -- I've added yours to my spreadsheet!) until Sunday night.

In other knitting news...I'm still plugging away slowly on Saroyan. I'm at the halfway mark, and will take some pictures later today after I get some more done at the Tuesday afternoon stitch-n-bitch at Unwind.

Oh...I did end up having pancakes for dinner on Sunday, using my new wee piggy frying pan. The results weren't particularly life-like...


...but I didn't let that stop me from enjoying a second (and third!) one.


Just about anything looks yummy when doused in maple syrup!


  1. I had pancakes for lunch today nothing better then some good ole' Maple syrup. I can't wait to see which pattern you choose.

  2. Posted a link in yesterday's comments, and here's another one:


    Also, the stitch pattern from Sivia Harding's Diamond Fantasy shawl would make an attractive stole, with an edging that is knit as you go. It wouldn't be too hard to tinker with the pattern. It's an enjoyable knit, and it's easy to remember the progression of the pattern: