Saturday, March 27, 2010

Piggy needs a shake-up

I've just about had it up to the top of my stash tower (that's fairly tall, if you couldn't guess -- last night I was actually shocked awake, not for the first time, when a Ziploc full of Malabrigo toppled to the floor with a thud) with my lack of productivity. It's getting embarrassing, even for the self-appointed Queen of the Pre-Process Knitters.

Case in point: Saryoyan. I cast on for this lovely shawlette on March 12, the opening day of the Paralympics. Several of my Team Canada fellows decided to keep the Ravelympics alive for the second set of Vancouver Games.

I took a picture of it seven days later:

Not a lot of progress...

Erm...yeah. That's the same 11 cast-on stitches. And no, there was no frogging performed in the intervening week. And now it looks like...well, exactly the same.

This is serious, piglets.

I mean, sure, I've almost finished that pet blanket I showed you a while ago. But really, I should be completing a second one by now. And I can't blame it on my dislike of the monster that ate my knitting bag ginormous ball of acrylic.

So methinks it's time to change tack. I have an idea brewing, but knowing me, it will require another week or 10 of thinking about it before I foist it on you.

Hopefully I'll manage to get something done in the meantime.

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