Thursday, February 25, 2010

The end of the affair

It's a rare relationship indeed that lasts a lifetime, but this one was over almost before it began. But don't feel sorry for Piggy; I managed to escape almost entirely unscathed, and vindicated.

Yes, it's true: my romance with Noro is over, less than two weeks after it first bloomed.

As you know, love at first sight this was not. Piggy played hard-to-get. I'd managed to resist Noro's siren call (and those of the Noro Whoros) for years. Eventually I gave in, it's true; but just for a single, less-than-thrilling encounter.

That initial parting was amicable, however, so I didn't feel bad enlisting Noro's help for the very specific project mentioned in my last post, and also for this month's Potions assignment in the House Cup (the assignment: the Hate Potion).

But this time, something went amiss. I started on a wee scarf, using a single skein of Silk Garden provided by none other than the Queen of the Noro Whoros herself) and within just a few inches -- barely enough to be considered a swatch, really -- Piggy's tummy started to feel a little queasy. In a good way. I was smitten.

The colours...they were purdy. Seductive, in fact. And somehow, it felt softer tan I'd any other Silk Garden I'd felt up on the sly in various yarn shops. So I knit a few more inches.

YO, Noro scarf close

And the hate turned to love.

People do crazy things when they fall in love, and Piggy is no exception. Fortunately I fell only to the tune of two skeins.

So, what happened to this budding love story? Well, like that of many couples, the relationship of Piggy and Noro was challenged by distance. In this case, the distance imposed by my Ravelympics competition (more on that tomorrow...or, you know, sometime soonish).

I was forced to put the scarf aside for several days while I was elbow-deep in dye pots and sock-frogging (and no, not for the official frogging event). And when I returned to it...well, I saw Noro's the passion was gone.

Oh, I finished the scarf. And it's pretty. Lovely, even.

YO, Noro scarf flat

But it's itchy. Even after a good soak. Far too itchy to wear against my neck. So it's off to another Noro Whoro.

And those two skeins I bought? Oh, I'll use them. For a hat, and maybe some mitts. Something platonic. No more Noro necking for Piggy!

Project Details:

Pattern: Just a Jamie Thing, by Jamie Roe
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, colourway 74, one skein
Needles: 5.5 mm/US 9 straights
Started: February 11, 2010
Finished: February 21, 2010
Modifications/Notes: The pattern calls for one skein of Silk Garden. I blocked the scarf severely (hence the flat cast-on and cast-off edges, rather than the attractive scalloped ones featured on the Rav page) to get every last millimetre I could. I ended up with just under 102 cm/40 in. I prefer a longer scarf; if I were to knit this again, I'd use two skeins. The pattern itself is simple and attractive.

YO, Noro scarf


  1. It's a nice pattern and shows off the repeats loverly.... but I don't blame you about the itchyness. I can't even wear Cascade 220 near my neck.

  2. The scarf is lovely...but I'm actually with you on the itchiness. For some reason, Noro yarns feel like hell. The colors are gorgeous but there's nothing soft and smooshy about it.

    And as usual, your blog post is vastly entertaining! ^^