Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Power of Four

From beentsy's blog...

Four places I go regularly: shop #1 on Sunday afternoons for knitting, yarn shop after knitting on Sunday afternoons, coffee shop #2 on Thursday nights for knitting grocery store?

Four favorite smells:
Just four? Ok...let's go with frying onions, baking bread, lavender and the first chai of the morning at a stall near a temple where nag champa is burning.

Four people I think will respond:
I doubt anyone's still out there...and most of those who might be have already been tagged! Let's try Monica, Lori, Rae and Sylvia.

Four TV shows I watch:
House, Castle, Top Gear, Bones.

So...what's your power of four?

Thanks to beentsy for the tag -- I've been putting off getting back to the blog. I've actually got lots to talk about, so more soon!


  1. I've been missing your blog posts. Glad to have you back!

  2. Four places I go regularly: Barnes and Noble for coffee, knitting and book shopping, Yarniverse, Whole Foods and unfortunately, lately, the veterinarian.

    Four favorite smells: cappuchino candle that Mandi makes me at my favorite little shop, lavender, the very top of my 27 year old son's head because it still smells like it did when he was a baby!, and it's a toss up between baking bread and the first spring rain

    Four people I think will respond: Not sure.

    Four TV shows I watch: 30 Rock, The Office, Dog Whisperer and Daily Show

  3. I'm so glad you're back! I have been thinking about you and hoping you're ok. Here goes:

    Four places I go regularly: Starbucks near my office, Riverside Park, the deli near my office, and

    Four favorite smells: my bread baking, my husband, tonight's dinner (every night!), and coffee

    Four TV shows I watch: 30 Rock, The Office, Criminal Minds, and the Daily Show/Colbert Report duo.

    The main people who read my blog are my kids, and they wouldn't respond - maybe because they think I'd already know what they'd say. :)

  4. It is so good to hear from you again.

    The four places you are most likely to find me: work, coffee/tea shop, a book store and of course the yarn store. It is clear why I am at the first place given the last two places.

    Like you, Piggy, I have many favourite smells. However, four of my favorites include: fresh oranges, pizza, vanilla and sheets dried on the line in the sun.

    Four tv shows I watch: Bones, Midsomer Murders, the Rick Mercer Report and the Hour.

    As to four people who might respond to this meme, I am just not sure who would.

  5. Yea Top Gear!!! Poor Hammond always gets the short straw.... no height-pun intended.

    Where is this yummy chai smell you speak of??