Sunday, December 13, 2009

Piggy's Christmas deadline singalong

Time for a wee break from the holiday knitting (or, if you're a pre-process knitter, from your holiday knit planning). It'll only take a minute, you know the tune.

In the twelve days 'fore Christmas, yarnpiggy must complete:

Twelve tasseled bookmarks
Eleven coffee cozies
Ten woolly soap sacks
Nine golf club covers
Eight Silky mittens
Seven sets of coasters
Six tuques with cables
Five lace smoke rings
Four so-called scarves
Three French bags
Two turtle toys
and a blanket for a car seat.'s your list coming? Almost done? Just starting? Or are you that most clever of beasts, the selfish knitter?


  1. I still have three pairs of clogs, and three hats to knit, a chef's hat and apron (child size), and some reusable grocery bags to sew.

  2. I finished the last block of the puzzle cube today, and I just have half of the super thick thrummed Rider mittens left to do. I'm casting on a pair of socks for myself now!

  3. You are CUUUUUUUUUURAZY! Two hours in the mall, this year. Me, I'm knitting my Dressew Rowan Ribbon Twist into an Urchin as we speak (or as I type). But then, my New Year's resolution is to be more selfish -- BWAHAHA.

  4. Hilarious! I was actually singing the tune in my head. How's your progress??

    I've started the second sock of Wey's and did 5" of ribbing yesterday. My hands are a wee bit sore today. But I still have to finish the first sock and start second sock for someone else - gah! I'm also working on a cowl for my mum, but that should be done in time. That's my giftmas knitting list!