Saturday, December 19, 2009

Piggy knits with the greats

Pardon me for sounding boastful. But it's not often one works with some of the biggest names in knitting. We're talking the Yarn Harlot. Cat Bordhi. Lucy Neatby. We're talking Barbara freakin' Walker, my friends.

Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, how does this nobody, this pre-process knitter who can't master feather and fan lace, for Pete's sake, get to work on a project with these (and more!) knitting celebrities?

Well, by knitting a bit on this baby:


Yep. It's lacy (does not compute!). It's white. It's not-so-affectionately known to me and a few of my yarnies as "The Raisin". Let me give you a better look:


It is the white thing I usually refuse to refer to by its real name. It is, in fact, my friend Meg' veil.

I may need a drink after typing that. The whole idea of this project just makes me shudder in fear. It's a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. Hence the code word the Thursday night yarnies came up with one night.

Meg knows about my fear of The Raisin. On the few occasions she's brought it to knit night, my knitting is even worse than usual. I am a quivering mass of fear in its presence.

This does not mean I'm not supportive of Meg's work on The Raisin, however. I'm always encouraging her to get the bloody thing done, already. Further to that goal, I suggested she bring The Raisin to Sock Summit with her. And ask the knitterati to knit a few stitches on it.*

So she did. And so did they. Lots of 'em: Meg Swanson, Tina Newton, Anne Hanson, Jess & Mary-Heather from Ravelry...the list goes on.

And on Thursday, when I arrived (late) to knit night, Meg ambushed me. And made me knit about 27 billion -- ok, ok, it was about 12, but it felt like 27 billion -- stitches on it. The others at the table had already done their bit, and I hadn't even taken my own knitting out, so I had no choice.

So I joined the ranks of the living legends of knitting. And managed to live to tell about it. Not in too much detail, was all a blur of trembling hands and hyperventilation.

Which is too bad, because it's extremely unlikely to happen ever again. :o)

* Meg probably thought about this as well, but since I broached the idea in public, I'm taking the credit. So there.


  1. Not to mention... Barbara Walker got to knit plain stitches. We got lace! Oh the huge manatee!

  2. Yea, even though the pattern is from Barbara Walker's book hehe.

    Getting Meg Swansen to knit on it was my idea, the rest was totally you.