Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Christmastime

And soon, Bodhi Day (December 8), Chanukah (starting December 12), Muharram (December 18), Yule (December 21), Kwanzaa (starting December 26) and Gahambar Maidyarem time, (December 31) too.

Yep, it's official: 'tis the December holiday season. I know you were waiting for Piggy's formal go-ahead on this, and I appreciate your patience. ;o)

As I've mentioned before, I'm a firm believer in not starting the holiday season too early. But to be fair, Christmastime technically started on Sunday (or, if you follow the Eastern Orthodox faith, way back on November 15) which officially marked the start of advent.

But as just about anyone who grew up in the Christian tradition knows, advent calendars start on December first.

And the good folks at Garnstudio & Drops Design have, once again, brought knitters and crocheters the world over a special Christmas calendar, with a new holiday-themed pattern behind each door.


And, unlike the advent calendars stuck to the fridge/sitting on the table/taped to the wall, you can't cheat and open up all the windows ahead of time. You'll just have to be patient and visit the site each day. No peeking!


  1. Hi there! Congrats on completing NaBloPoMo and winning the prize I've offered up, which is a handmade necklace and earrings set. My email address is tabitha@wearablejoy.com -- please contact me so I can arrange to send you your prize. Thanks!!


  2. I do hope you keep posting like you have. I love your blog! I read a lot of blogs and yours is the second one I go to every time I log on. The first you ask? The Harlot of course! But yours is a very close second. You have a wonderful writing style - humorous and honest. Keep on blogging, I see big things in your future! Have you considered a career in writing? Just sayin'.......