Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barking up the right tree

As I'm sure anyone who knows me at all guessed, that list of Piggy's Christmas knitting was pure fantasy. That said, I am, against my better judgment, doing some gift knitting again this year.

Today I'm working on a neckwarmer for my second cousin (or first cousin once removed? I can never remember...anyway, she's my mum's first cousin). I'm hoping she'll get more wear out of it than she did last year's offering. Which is, to say, any use at all.

Just a few weeks ago my mother informed me my cousin had re-gifted the cowl (which, I feel it is important to mention, was made of Malabrigo) to someone I've never heard of. Apparently, my cousin has an unusually large noggin, over which the cowl would not pass. I don't think I will comment further, except to say that Piggy's head is not of the petite variety, and it offered scant resistance to said Malabrigo cowl.

So this year, I've decided to go with a button-up neckwarmer instead. Also in Malabrigo (Piggy likes to think of herself as the sort of person who gives people second chances).


It's the start of a Fourteen. Except it's really an Eighteen, as I cast on four extra stitches.

This is going to be a wonderfully soft, squishy little number, thanks to the combination of Malabrigo goodness and the brioche rib.

I've decided to go with the brk (a.k.a. bark) stitch method for brioche -- yfwd, k1 slip 1, k2tog, repeat -- rather than the k1, k1 into stitch below method prescribed by the pattern, both because I'm still not sure I understand the latter, and because I just learned the former last week, on a MalTravelers scarf.

If you've never knit the brioche stitch, let me give you a tip: it takes several rows for the pattern to show up properly. Don't be like Piggy and frog two or three rows over and over again. :o)


  1. Umm, what? Someone regifted your handknit gift and you're knitting them another gift? You are a much better person than I. I would have 'maybe' gotten them a fruitcake. From Liquidation World. That was left over from last year....or the year before.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about brioche stitch. I would totally do that (frog, knit, frog, etc.)

    P.S. How are you not insulted that she REGIFTED and HANDKNIT!?!

  3. Seriously, regifted a handknit? You are a better person than me.
    The colour of the new neckwarmer is beautiful!

  4. Well, You are a brave knitter. I am knitting a Brioche stitch scarf in two colours with reversable cables. I am doing in in the K1, slip 1 as I do the yarn over, which I have to do twice for each row in each colour. It is flipping gorgeous, but it is slower than cold molases in January and it is on 6.5mm needles.