Friday, November 20, 2009

Weather Patterns

Yesterday I tweeted that my next knitting project should be an ark. I was joking, of course -- I mean, we all know I'd never get around to completing something so large and complicated.

Ha ha ha.

But honestly, the weather here has been atrocious lately. Vancouverites are generally a fairly easy-going lot when it comes to the rain; we joke that we live on the Wet Coast, and we rust rather than tan. But this past week or so has been truly awful: fierce winds, torrential downpours all day long, punctuated by bouts of hail, power outages...the full meal deal.

So I've been holed up inside all day today, looking for my next knit (I know, I should be restarting my wee lace project, but I've managed to misplace the required needles. Convenient, yes, but also true!). And I managed to find a few weather-inspired patterns to consider.

Here are some of my favourites:
Or how about the latest pattern from Mary-Heather Cogar, a.k.a. raindaygoods on Ravelry. Her Simple Things shawlette is super-cute, and looks simple enough for even Piggy to produce while being distracted by the storms outside.

Which is just as well, since the forecast is for rain, rain and more rain.

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  1. What a funny post!
    This rain is getting to be a little much!