Friday, November 27, 2009

Things I've learned about myself today - Noro edition

1. I am perhaps even less open-minded about mixing colours in a higgledy-piggledy fashion than I believed myself to be before I started knitting with Noro.

2. Actually, that's not exactly true; it's not the randomness that bothers me. It's when the randomness stops...randomly. Such as when two different colourways feature remarkably similar shades of green at the same place in the skeins.

This is a problem

Making the bands of contrasting colours come to an abrupt halt in a band of solid muted green.

Noro Scarf, Nov. 27

3. When it comes to knitting with yarn that bites back, I am way too lazy to do anything about it. I know there are solutions to this problem, but I just want to push on through.

4. It really frosts my cookies that I'm likely to finish this bloody Noro scarf faster than anything else I've ever knit.

5. I need more gin.


  1. Answer to #4: You just want to get it bloody over with ;)

  2. Embrace the randomness and it's evil twin, lack of randomness. Then drink more gin. :)

    It does look really pretty though!

  3. Delurking: love the flow of colour, HATE Noro for all the salad that comes with it as well as the itch. So: thanks for the eye candy and sucking it up for the rest of us in NA (Noro Avoidance)

  4. Hon', you need to learn how to spin! Then you can make your own yarns that are much nicer than Noro. You have the fibre and the wheel already, so you should be good to go.

  5. You've gotta work the Noro! I'm making a similar striped Noro scarf right now and had a problem with greens running together too. I just switched up one of the skeins of Noro to prevent a giant color blob and it looks awesome.