Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sometimes overkill is a bare minimum

That doesn't make sense, I know. But really, it's quite accurate much of the time chez Piggy.

As an example...

When dyeing yarn, instructions usually suggest one ties the yarn loosely yet securely in two to four places along the hank. This is to discourage tangling in the dye pot.

If you are Piggy, this should be multiplied by a factor of at least two. Failure to do so pretty much guarantees you'll be spending an entire evening de-tangling two hanks of yarn that you'd wanted to show off on your blog for the first post of NaBloPoMo 2009.

(And no, I have no photographs to show you of this; a raging, fuming, tearful Piggy can't hold the camera still. Instead, I'll leave you with a photo of one last new stash acquisition I forgot to include yesterday.)


Erm...that would be Wollmeise. 100% Merino Superwash. Sabrina colourway.

And yes, Piggy has indeed reached stash overkill.


  1. I am sorry about your yarn mess hopefully you can get it straightened out eventually without losing your mind or chucking it out the window. Sabrina is goregous

  2. Oh I feel your pain! I had that experience with 6 skeins of hemp that I very cleverly decided to wash before knitting to soften. Well, indeed, they did soften but the tangled mess I pulled out of the machine was very disheartening. I left the bundle in the laundry room until it dried, and then tried to so dismayed that I put the whole works into a bag on a shelf for a year. Finally, I worked up the courage to open the bag again, and it took me a day...then cast on sts for a skirt...which I now wear and yes, it's soft and drapy--I love it--but I will in the future tie MANY times around each skein. Good luck!

  3. Oh! You got another Wollmeise? Mmmmmmm. Pretty blue loveliness. :)

    Sending you good yarn winding thoughts.

  4. Ah it'll all be okay Ms. Yarnpiggy. I'm using old and borrowed photos right now as I cannot find the uploader for my camera! A first blog with wollmeise seems a nice way to go :)