Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

This morning I attended the Remembrance Day ceremony in North Vancouver. Unlike last year, the weather gods co-operated, allowing everyone to stay dry.

Unfortunately, I arrived on the scene a bit late to get a good view. my rather unfavourable position among the spectators made for less-than-great photos.


I spent most of the ceremony looking at the necks of four or five rows of people in front of me, and wasn't fast or pushy enough to get a prime parade-viewing spot.

All in all, a comforting thing. People are remembering.

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  1. We went to the downtown ceremony. We were there by 10, but still couldn't find a good view. Alex found us a ledge to stand on, which required clinging to a chain link fence, but provided a nice view of the ceremony. Then, just as they were about to start laying wreaths, an ambulance drove through the crowd and parked right in front of me.

    And I mean, I don't mind. I'm glad the ambulance came (I think a veteran needed oxygen). But if I wasn't going to have a view, I would have preferred not clinging to a chain-link fence in the cold!

    I was also happy to see such a turnout. Although, I can't seem to attend events without getting annoyed with people. Like, "thanks for coming out, I guess it's better than staying home, but do you really need to text message through the 2 minutes of silence? Really, it can't wait 2 minutes?" GAH.

    Afterward, I went to the Armoury on Dunsmuir... and what do you know, the soldiers in the parade? They start DRINKING. At noon. It was a whole different side of the day... after the solemnity, to see celebration.