Thursday, November 5, 2009

My favourite sweater

Don't get too excited. I haven't hidden several sweater FOs from you. Indeed, I have yet to complete a single sweater. No, my favourite sweater has not come from my needles. Nor those of a loved one. It was almost certainly machine-knit.

With good stuff, mind. My favourite sweater has a good pedigree.

My Favourite Sweater's label

According to those in the know, such as this Savile Row tailor, W. Bill Ltd. (in business since 1846) is "best known in our business as THE tweed and cashmere specialists" (emphasis his).

That said, it's a garment of modest style. It's a very basic turtleneck jumper, with simple ribbing at the neck, cuffs and hem.

My Favourite Sweater

Unfortunately, my poor camera skills and the atrocious light this very damp, windy day has offered up don't show the sweater to its best advantage.

You'll have to take my word that it's a lovely olive green. It is a bit itchy, I must admit, but one the rare occasions I've worn it (for it provides incredible warmth, much more than Vancouver's climate requires on all but the most unusually frosty days) I've worn a slim cotton turtleneck underneath.

It does, however, display a bit of wear, despite its rare trips out of my dresser; it could use a good de-pilling. But that's to be expected in a garment of it's vintage.

For this is a sweater of some maturity. It is older than I, by a good few years. It was given to me -- well, lent to me, really -- by my father one unusually cold Vancouver winter day many years ago. I don't remember when, exactly. But I've had it for at least 15 years now.

I believe the sweater had been given to him by my maternal grandmother. Or perhaps he bought it for himself when my parents visited England the year after they married. At any rate, on that cold Vancouver day he was a little bigger than when he first wore it (and goodness knows, I was a lot smaller than I am now; it's a very tight squeeze at the moment), so Dad didn't object when I failed to return it.

So it wasn't a gift, per se, but nevertheless I loved it like it was. And I love it even more today, on the second anniversary of my father's death.

I miss him.


  1. *blinks away a tear* *squeezes piggy in internet hug*

    That is a very nice story behind the sweater. Take good care of it!

  2. See, this just proves our point from last night... some things have immense value, and are worth keeping :) This is awesome.

  3. Lovely sweater, lovely story.

    All my best to you today!

  4. thanks for sharing your story. I would treasure that sweater too.

    I also love the blue and white pattern underneath the sweater!

  5. Piggy,

    Thank you for sharing your favourite sweater and its story.


  6. Poignant ... I'm misty ... and there is no "love" button on this blog.