Thursday, November 19, 2009

FO: Cupcake Hat

Oh, yeah, baby! It's true. Piggy's got an honest-to-goodness finished object. Completed -- and delivered -- on schedule.


Photos were taken with the recipient wearing the hat; I'll see if I can get permission to blog one soon.

Project details:

Pattern: Cupcake Hat by Becky Verveka (non-Ravelers: go here)
Yarn: Bernat Satin Solids, pink, brown, red (labels long gone)
Needles: 4.5 mm/US 7 Addi Turbo 40 cm/16"
Modifications: Instead of the red pom-pom called for in the pattern, I used the cherry from Labpuglecchi's Cupcake Hat pattern (non-Ravelers: go here).
Notes: The pattern describes the size as 1-4 yrs, but I'd increase the number of stitches for 2 yrs and up; my recipient is 12 months today, and I suspect it won't fit for long. (Or maybe she just has a big head?)

Yesterday in the comments (erm, comment), Julia asked about how the icing edges were made. These nubs/bobbles were made on the second round of the icing colour, by casting on four stitches then binding them off. The nubs were placed at every other stitch (so, there are 40 nubs and 40 plain knit stitches in this second round).


  1. Soooo cute! Good job H!

    I will have more avocado pits for you (4 to be exact) this weekend, unless you want me to stockpile for a while again?

  2. Adorable! The things people will torture poor innocent babies with before they're old enough to decide for themselves. LOL!!

    I too have avocado pits and skins for you. If you don't get them soon, I'll be forced to use them myself!

  3. I love it! Thanks for explaining how you did the bobble bits. I desperately need to knit my little one a hat. She's used to wearing the unusual combinations I stick her in so I might give something like this a go.

  4. Too fun! ^_^ Love it - thanks for sharing!

  5. This hat is adorable. Thanks again for such a great gift. I think you should give Johan a hard time about the fact that he has hanging picture frames on the wall that we got from our wedding, that are still empty! :)

    I look forward to seeing the baby made famous on your blog! :)