Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fibre, fibre everywhere...

...and not a skein to knit.

Well, not really. It just feels that way. Tonight I dumped the bulk of my stash (I left the dishcloth cotton and the other less roll-around-in-it-while-making-purring-noises-worthy stuff in the back recesses of the closet where they hide) onto the floor.

stash 11-10-09

There's plenty of nice stuff there; certainly several possibilities for the wee lace project I need to start.

So why, then, am I nowhere closer to casting on?


  1. Pre-process knitter in action, that's why! :-)

  2. Wow! You have it all in ziplocks?! That's impressive! Mine is just shoved into those plastic cases that pillow cases and duvet covers come in from the store.

  3. You are probably overwhelmed by all the choices! I would have been.

  4. On account of you being a pre-process knitter. The rolling around part is somehow more/differently satisfying than the cast on/creation portion of the program. It's okay, I understand. :)

  5. Right, well, I'm going to cut to the chase and say that I now officially have stash envy. o.0

    XD I'm sure you'll sort out the best yarn soon!

  6. I am also impressed with the ziplocs and baskets! Very nice. :)