Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Continuing Story of the Attempted Noro Whoro-fication of Piggy, Part the Second

When last we saw our heroine, she had, after many years of struggle, finally succumbed to the dastardly forces of the Noro Whoros, led by the evil b_____ of the village of W______, and cast on for the Noro Slip Stitch Stripe Scarf.

In the intervening days, Poor Piggy, her virtue thus soiled, has continued her miserable journey into yarny degradation of the worst kind.

Oh, the horror our fallen heroine has felt by the prick of rapier-sharp thorns of Hell, euphemistically described as "vegetable matter" by those evil purveyors of Noro smut.


I cannot begin to describe, Dear Reader, the agony of it all. It is simply beyond the realm of decency.

And yet -- gird yourself -- Piggy, now enslaved, knits on. Nay, verily: she has cast on twice more, with two additional sets of needles, in order to get the thing right. And has actually produced fabric:

"I can't believe I'm knitting with Noro" Scarf

Can Piggy be saved? Time shall tell.


  1. I don't know if you can be saved, but I'm going to have to avoid your Noro scarf posts if I want to escape enslavement...

  2. Hey! Look at that! I'm famous. ;) I'm terribly sorry about the Noro Horno that spiked you. Yarn should never hurt.

  3. huh.... that actually kinda looks nice.... I just don't like the FEEEEL of noro....

  4. 'Sometimes love doesn't feel like it should. Babe it hurts so good.' Or something like that.

    It sure looks better in the scarf than it looks in the balls. Somebody said it feels softer after washing, but I doubt that deals with the pasture in the yarn. I will wait with baited breath to see if you succumb.