Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The one where Piggy attempts to give herself a kick in the arse

So, I've been pretty quiet, blog-wise. Anyone still out there?

It's not that I haven't been doing anything, fibre-wise. My production, such as it is, has maintained a fairly consistent pace (i.e. plenty of planning, not a lot of finished objects -- but that's totally normal; I am, after all, Queen of the Pre-Process Knitters). It might even be up a tad.

And I certainly can't claim to be too busy to blog. I am still unemployed. Every day is Sunday, as my uncle says.

Which is the real issue. Well, how my current situation affects my mood, to be accurate. Cards on the table: Piggy suffers from dysthymia, punctuated, at times like these, but bouts of more severe depression. That's what the shrink, bless her, tells me. Basically, I'm a moody broad.

Anyhoo. My employment insurance is about to run out. I'm broke. And I've been feeling like I've been neck-deep in mud. And not the warm, mineral-laden stuff one bathes in while listening to new-age music before receiving an hour of shiatsu at the spa. And I'm scared.

But enough of the bitching. I have a plan. It isn't something I would have predicted, but I've thought about it a lot over the past month, and, after consulting with several people (including the aforementioned medical professional), I'm reasonably confident it isn't 100% bat-shit crazy. So I'm trying to drag myself through the mud to get the ball rolling. (Yes, it is indeed possible to be excited about something, to really want it, and yet be reluctant to do what is required to get it.)

And hopefully things will get back to normal here on the blog soon. For now, I'll leave you with a picture taken last weekend as I drove across the Granville Street Bridge on the way home from a yarn sale. (More on that later. Hopefully not much later.)


How cheesy is that? ;-)


  1. I am totally terrified of things I love for myself. Love it when other people get what I love - terrified when I get it - always feel like the other shoe is gonna drop and all hell will break loose.

    I knit in New West, and haven't joined any groups. A little scared of letting wool overtake my life. Thoroughly enjoying knitting and reading others blog about knitting! In a year I will have paid down line of credit and maybe I too can get a computer and a blog going.

    I send you good vibes for your plan so it and you may prosper.


  2. Well Piggy I wish you the best of luck with your new endeavor. As a former Vancouverite I have to say moving to a sunny clime helped me immensely. Your picture sure brought back a lot of memories, I used to walk or take the bus home across the Granville Street everyday.
    I'll keep reading ;)

  3. gosh, from a fellow now-and-then sufferer, i send courage and hope, and best wishes for your new endeavour! roll that ball!

  4. Looks like the yarn sale was the pot at the end of the rainbow?!

  5. Piggy is dragging herself through the mud? Do you like squishing it in your toes? :-)


  6. Glad to see you back.
    Good luck and much success with your "plans".

  7. Still out here waiting for spifftabulous posts from you!

    Is the job search getting you down? Because I heard that if you are given incentives, that finding a job won't be as "hard". So if someone offers you $100 if you get a job in the next two weeks, that's good, right? I'd donate to that cause!

    I hope that things improve soon so we can get more fun knitting posts! Cheers!

  8. Good to see you are back; I was missing you and your posts. Good luck with the new plans.

    On a fiber related note, hopefully the yarn sale netted you a wonderful selection of luxury at giveaway prices.


  9. Hang in there piggy. If it's any comfort, there are a lot of us in similar situations, myself included. I have verbally committed myself to leaving my current job, moving across the country, and getting a new job by January 1st at the latest. Movement on that front? Well, I've decided on the area and looked at job prospects, which actually aren't too bad, .... then nothing. I kinda need to get it in gear. What I need is a "Get Your Ass in Gear!" group. Oh, and a "You Can Do it Group!" wouldn't be so bad either. :)

  10. Big hugs for piggy! I love your blog, and I wish you all the best with the exciting plans for your future. Keep us up to date!

  11. Piggy,

    I have been finding flying pig stuff all over Vancouver lately and have been thinking you. Sent you an email with possible job details, let me know if you plan to proceed with it.

    I also have 3 avocado pits in my freezer for you. Hopefully I can hand them to you this Sunday.

    Hugs and keep on rolling!

  12. I'm proud of you for making your way through this - it says you are a fighter. Good Luck sweetheart - and keep your eyes on the road and remember to always look down the raod - you will get there!


  13. Thank you for sharing. Just know, you're not the only one.
    Knit on Baby!