Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baaad Piggy, Goooood Yarn Shop

Piggy should be feeling sheepish, I know, about all the stash enhancement going on lately. But I'm choosing to look on it as doing my part to help the local economy. Especially those great and noble people who open new yarn shops.

So on Saturday, after our record-breaking (time-wise, and, I believe, low-spending wise for all, thankfully!) visit to Three Bags Full's Labour Day sale, Meg, Lara, Chrissy and I headed (with a quick detour to pick up MrsQuimby) to the grand opening of Vancouver's newest LYS: Baaad Anna's.


I am only slightly embarrassed to admit I cannot say the name of this shop without stretching out the Baaad like a sheep. Anyhoo, Piggy rather uncharacteristically failed to sample most of the refreshments on offer, but did pick up a cookie to take home:


Along with some yarn, of course.


Two skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Angora in "Purple" (yep, just plain "Purple", not "Luscious Lavender" or "Winsome Wisteria" or "Lovably Lilac", just "Purple") and two skeins of Malabrigo Lace in Vaa.

There were plenty of other lovelies I would like to have brought home with me, but I stopped there, for now. I'm looking forward to visiting Baaad Anna's regularly in the future, both for the shopping and for the upcoming weekly stich & bitch.

The shop has a lot going for it: Baaad Anna herself is young and super-nice; the space, while smallish, is cozy and welcoming with a comfy couch and chair by the window; the opening weekend stock (lots more is on the way) featured some wonderful yarns; and the Hastings-Sunrise location is great: it's convenient to get to, has a great neighbourhood vibe and boasts a wonderful, knitter-friendly coffee shop -- the Laughing Bean -- just steps away from the yarny goodness.

All in all, I think Baaad Anna's is a welcome addition to the Vancouver knitting scene.

And its name is fun to say, too. :-)


  1. I was so rushed this weekend... I'm sad I missed the grand opening. But I stared into the window when we walked by en route to the PNE!

  2. Sad I missed the grand opening as well, but not sad that I was at the beach last Saturday.

    I LOVE the mmmmalll colourway Vaa. I would live entirely in only those colours if I had to choose.

    How's the green monster mobile?

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