Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The year of the Ishbel

No, I haven't quietly completed an Ishbel on the sly. But I can start one now, thanks to Devon, aka MusiKnitter (Ravelry link), my wonderful spoiler in the Malabrigo Swap. She sent me the incredibly popular pattern for Ysolda Teague's lovely scarf/shawl:


Also, another pattern from my wishlist: Gridiron Socks, from Anne Hanson.

But I don't have to race to knit up an Ishbel, because Devon also knit one for me!


Isn't it gorgeous? That's Malabrigo Lace, of course, the lovely Azul Profundo colourway. Soooo soft and luscious!

Ishbel has made her way into several packages this month; we Mal Junkies have knitted and received so many that Round 7 has been unofficially dubbed the "year of the Ishbel".

Of course, this being a Mal swap, there was oh so much more in the package:


Notions...some lovely buttons from my etsy wishlist, SOAK, stitchmarkers and "handmade by" tags for my knitted gifts (oh, the pressure! LOL).


Woot! Indian-themed items! A book about Bollywood (a true Piggy obsession), Indian tobacco-leaf & sandalwood soap and Tulsi chai.


Then there was -- and I do mean was -- the box of honey-almond-cardamom salted caramels. Deeee-vine. And the yummy dark chocolate, which I've actually managed to not eat since I picked up the package on Monday.

Only because I left it behind when I headed up to Gibsons yesterday.

The Haul!

Here's the whole kit and kaboodle, complete with the skein of Malabrigo Sock in my favourite colourway, Solis; and a very sweet flying pig charm, which you can barely see here. Sorry 'bout that.

Who's a lucky Piggy, eh? Many, many thanks to Devon and all the Mal Gals who make this such a wonderful swap.

More from Gibsons tomorrow night. It will probably be another photo-heavy post, as the merchant mall opens for the first time tomorrow. Eeeek! :-)


  1. Oh my god! What an *AMAZING* package! The shawl is gorgeous, the yarn is spectacular, and oh those buttons. You are one lucky Piggy! So sorry if I've left some drool on your blog. :o)

  2. Holy smokes! She knit you an Ishbel? Wow, I'm gobsmacked. You are such a lucky girl.