Saturday, August 8, 2009

A year of blogging (and a wee bit of knitting)

Today is my blogiversary. I'm rather pleased, and quite surprised, that I'm still blogging a whole year on.

Pleased because I've managed, with one or two small lapses, to post regularly, to enjoy it, and to have met some nice people along the way.

Surprised because while there has certainly been some non-fibre-related content now and then, I've managed to blog about knitting for an entire year without actually accomplishing much. That list of Finished Objects to the right is rather meagre.

In fact, of the three projects that I wrote about in that very first post, I've managed to complete only the amigurumi piggy. Addison's cardi -- meant to be a shower present -- is languishing in my bag of WIPs, a few inches further along, but still missing its sleeves. Addison had his first birthday in May. And the Tofu-nky Baby Kimono...well, it's exactly as it appeared one year ago today: cast on, and that's it. I haven't bothered to frog it, however; I'm going to get to it...eventually.

Well, I am the Queen of the Pre-Process Knitters, after all.

So perhaps it's fitting that for today's blogiversary post I have nothing to show you. I am working on a wee project, but it's a secret one, for my partner in the Malabrigo Swap.

Instead, may I present to you my polar opposite, Alyria:


Alyria is sooooo not a Pre-Process Knitter (or crocheter). This girl churns projects out like there's no tomorrow. She picks up new skills like Piggy picks up Ben & Jerry's: frequently and with great gusto.

That's Alyria on Thursday with a few of her insanely large collection of crocheted granny squares. She learned to crochet a couple of weeks ago. Piggy, who learned how to crochet last September, has yet to figure out how to make a granny square.

But it's worse, piggies, much worse.


That's Alyria's first sock. She completed her first pair of socks a couple of months ago. (Let's try to forget about that toddler-sized one that's been living chez Piggy for months now, shall we?) Start-to-finish: one week. Boyfriend-sized socks, piggies!

If she weren't so darn cute, I'm pretty sure I'd have to kill her.

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  1. You are soooo funny! Me thinks you enjoy the process of obtaining yarn much more than the process of making something with said yarn.

    Happy Blogversary!

  2. Happy Blogiversary, dear Piggy! And just think how far you've come in your knitting ability in the past year. Maybe those UFO's never have to be finished. They've served their purpose on the learning curve. Time to frog and free the needles!

  3. Happy blogiversary. I enjoy reading your blog! I've known to crochet since I was about 8, and still have to make my first granny square 24 years later :-) You have some time yet before you can claim that title! (truth be told, I didn't know what granny squares were until a few months ago...)

    Keep up the blogging. it is nice to read about the pre-process knitter's approach to life and fibre. :-D

  4. You have me laughing out loud always, and yes, we all have a little Alyria in our lives, darn it!

  5. Congrats on your blogiversary!

  6. Well, MissPiggy...You and I have alot in common...UFO's, SockSyndromes, and BlogBlogBlog. My First Visit to Yours..VeryFun. Here's a ShoutOut to see our commonalities at SuKnitWitty.