Friday, August 21, 2009

Nothing to see here

This will not be the picture-heavy post I promised yesterday. Not because I'm ashamed to show you the evidence of the crazy Stash-Enhancement eXpedition-ing I took part in at the Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival merchant mall yesterday. Because there isn't any.

Because I didn't buy anything.

Oh, there's plenty of fabulous stuff to buy, but Pre-Process Piggy deciding to engage in a day of pre-shopping yesterday. I am, after all, currently unemployed, and must therefore keep the expenditures down. Frugality does not come naturally to yarnpiggy. So I decided to really look through the market carefully yesterday, when I had a good chunk of time to spend, and to visit the bank machine today -- once only -- after making a final list.

I'm not entirely confident this plan will be successful (there really is a lot of stuff I want -- let's face it, need doesn't really figure into it) but I figure it's good to have goals, no? With luck, there won't be too many photos of new additions to the stash to show you tomorrow. I promise to post everything I buy. (Eeeek.)

I hope I'll also have some photos from the workshop I'm taking today: Free-form knitting with Janet Armstrong, from Vernon. I'm a tad nervous, because Piggy isn't naturally a free-form kind of girl. I need to work on being as spontaneous and free with the stitches as I am with the spending...


  1. Hope everything you wanted is still there! If it was me, it would already be gone. But then think on the bright side - it removes temptation if someone else already owns it!

    Hope you had fun in your class!

  2. You know, I've done the same thing to avoid impulse buying. How did it work out?