Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My yarny pal went to Sock Summit, and all I got was...

...this freakin' fantabulous skein of Piggy-Pink Perfection!


Is that a thing of beauty, or what?

Many thanks to MrsQuimby, who brought this treasure -- Miss Babs' perfectly named "Yummy" Sock Yarn in the Sinderella colourway -- home for me in return for airport drop-off and pick-up drives.

Oh, and a welcome addition to Piggy's Tickle Trunk (have I blogged about the Tickle Trunk yet?) -- a nifty crochet hook and knitting needle in one:


In matching Piggy hot pink, of course; that MrsQ knows me well. As do both megknitficent and moon-brain, with whom MrsQ consulted. So thanks to you guys, too! :-)

Ummm...so, I guess I should really get back to the socks, eh?

* Pssst...entered my blogiversary comment contest yet? Get in there!


  1. oh I need to go change my panties now. Was that tmi? It's true.

    I wants.

  2. OMG Leone ... you are killing me with giggles!

    Piggy-kins, if you continue to resist "the sock" maybe we can make use of that crochet hook end of that device ... come on over to my side.

  3. Glad you like it, darlin'! Anytime you want to drive me to the airport!