Friday, August 28, 2009

Gibsons Festival Roundup, part 2: Piggy parts with her cash

I know what you're thinking. And you'd be wrong. It was a rather restrained Piggy who took in the festival's Merchant Mall this year. I had a plan, and I stuck to it. The important bit, at least. And, in my defence, all my shopping was done before my car got towed to the mechanic. Well, almost all of it.

The plan itself was simple: I would spend the first day "pre-shopping" -- getting a feel for what was available, making note of what I wanted, then whittling down the list to what I really, really wanted. Then, the next day, I'd go to the bank machine, take out my pre-determined limit (I'll fess up now and say it was a generous $200) and return to the mall to buy only the items on my list. No returning to the bank machine, no use of cheques or debit cards. And no returning to the mall the following day.

I didn't exactly stick to the list, and I did go back to the mall, but I stayed within my pre-set limit, so I'm calling it a win.

Wanna see the goods? Of course you do! First off, something I picked out but didn't buy:


Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock, in all of Piggy's favourite colours: green, purple and hot pink.


This lovely was a gift from whengaiasmiles, who stayed with me at my mum's place during the festival.

Ok, now onto the spending! Bet you'll never guess the first item on my list. It's not Mmmmalabrigo. And it's not hot Piggy pink.

I surprised myself, actually. No, it's not a full bag of Noro, or great whacks of mohair (which is very pretty, of course, but too itchy for Piggy). And it's not yellow.

Wait for it...

You'll be surprised...

Because it's not even yarn.

I'm serious:


Superwash Blue Faced Leicester from Knitopia. It is so soft and squishy and beautiful and I'm in love.

So, it might be a good idea to learn how to use my spinning wheel, eh? It's been collecting dust for a year now. (I think it needs a name...suggestions welcome.)

I did, of course, buy some yarn, too.

Including five skeins of Unwind Yarns from the always-energetic (even when commuting daily from Coquitlam) Shannon, who's even busier than usual now that her Shiraz Fingering is featured in the latest edition of Twist Collective.


From left to right, those are Shiraz Fingering in Pine Treat, Cabernet Sauvignon Fingering in Splootch, Zinfandel Sock in Beach Glass and two skeins of Merlot Fingering, in Gerbera (my final purchase -- Shannon practically gave it to me to cheer me up after the Green Bomber was towed) and Joy. Janet Armstrong, if you're there, please note that three of these colourways contain yellow!

Now I have absolutely no excuses not to knit socks...Shannon even threw in a copy of her Ferngully Lace Socks pattern (Ravelry link).

Right next door to Shannon and her crew at Unwind Yarns was the Twist of Fate booth. Erynn made it up to Gibsons again this year, despite having the pressure of the upcoming grand opening of her new location in Kamloops this weekend.

Erynn had sooooo many things I wanted to buy, but in the end, I settled on this one gorgeous skein:


Fleece Artist Suri Blue Lace in Piggy pink. Erynn picked it out...she knows what her customers like. :-)

And that's it for fibre. But I did pick up a few buttons from Wendy the Button Lady:


I chose the maple leaves for my nieces in England; not sure how I'll use them yet. The sheep...well, no plans at all for them; they were just too cute to pass up.

Here's the whole haul:


Not too shabby. But not crazy insane, either. There were so many more things on my short list that just couldn't make the cut.

After all, the Three Bags Full sale starts tomorrow. As does Baaad Anna's grand opening.


  1. How could you not buy the Misti Alpaca????????

    I bought some in January from the most amazing yarn store ever (in New Orleans), and I knit it up right away.

    It was probably some of the most divine stuff ever!!!

  2. Oh, it's mine, auburnchick -- it was given to me!

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