Saturday, August 1, 2009

Der frühe Vogel kauft das Garn (Happy Birthday to me!)

I remember very little of my high school German, so hopefully the title above isn't something embarrassing or nonsensical. It's meant to be a slight adaptation of an old chestnut: the early bird buys the yarn.

As many of you figured out, the package with the German airmail sticker I showed you yesterday contained yarn. Special yarn for a special occasion, in fact: Piggy's birthday. And not just any birthday; the tenth anniversary of my 28th birthday.*

It's a bit of an inside joke, really; my friend Michelle decided, as many of us do, that she didn't want to get any older. She would hold on to 29 forever. Michelle's birthday is July 2 -- 16 days plus one year before mine. I decided I would never be older than Michelle, so I'm 28 forever. Our friend Kyla even got in on the action, and remains 27.

Anyhoo. For this momentous day, I gave myself the gift of Wollmeise. My first-ever Wollmeise.

For those who don't know about this stuff, acquiring it is something of a procedure. Stalking the Wollmeise's online shop is involved. She updates it once a week, except when she doesn't. Usually around 9-10 a.m. German time. That's 1-2 a.m. here in Vancouver.

And when the shop is updated...well, it's a bit like Sock Summit registration writ small. Yarnies scoop up whatever's available in a full-on feeding frenzy. It makes an sale look like a special on rotten eggs.

You don't need to actually like any of the available colourways; you can always hit the Wollmeiseholics Anonymous group on Ravelry and trade them (If you're an evil yarny, you might try to sell it on eBay, but the Wollmeise has cottoned onto those types, and cuts them off).

That is, assuming you a) log onto the site right as it is updated; b) manage to get something in your cart; c) fend off multiple error messages as the server threatens to crash; and d) complete your purchase.

And I did it. Not only did I make a purchase, I got stuff I love! Two skeins of 100% superwash wool:


Are those gorgeous, or what? My camera can't begin to capture just how vibrant the colours are; it's what Wollmeise yarn is famous for.

On top is Sündig und Verrucht, which the Wollmeiseholics' page translates as "sinful and wicked"; the Wollmeise site translates it as "sinful and profiligate", which I prefer. It's a combination of black and the most electric purple ever. Swoon!

And below is Fuchsia, which speaks for itself. Simply gorgeous.

Plans for it? Nope. Other than rolling around in it. But not until this heat wave is over; this Piggy, unlike her four-legged bretheren, can and does sweat above 25 Celsius.

Gratuitous Wollmeise picture:


Nom, nom NOM!

*That makes me 37, not 38 -- don't forget to count the first time!


  1. Oh! Oh my! That stuff is wondrous.

  2. Gorgeous yarn! And Happy Birthday!!

  3. What an awesome present for yourself! That dark skein is amazing.

  4. Ooooh, lovely! What a great birthday present :)

  5. Amazing! I had no idea that obtaining this stuff was such a process! It is beautiful, and I can't wait to see what you make out of it. I expect finding the perfect pattern will be an exciting and extensive project, you pre-process knitter, you. :o) Happy birthday, enjoy!

  6. Oh good grief! I have lots of plans for your yarn. Why not just send it on down, let it be knit up, and then maybe I'll return it for you to love forever. Two people happy. See? Spread the love, I say.

  7. Happy Birthday Piggy.

    You were right to by Woolmiese. I have yet to do so, but oh my..... I turned 40 last year, I should have gotten some Woolmeise, no?

  8. Your Wollmeise is even prettier in person! What a process to obtain such a treasure. Hope you're feeling better now and Happy Birthday!

  9. belated Happy Birthday wishes! yay on the very pretty Wollmeise!