Friday, July 17, 2009

Tying up the loose ends...

I have a good (well, I think it's half-way decent, anyway) story for tomorrow's post, but I figure I should give a quick update on a few things from before my wee blogging break before we press on...
  1. Ants: The Great Wall of Cinnamon 3.0 was dismantled about 10 days or so ago. Yay!

  2. Employment: I am still living a life of leisure. Unfortunately, it is an impoverished one.

  3. Cold: It was gone, and then it came back...sort of. For the past couple of weeks or so, I've been sleeping for 10-12 hours each day (and "day" is accurate much of the time), and I have a strange, dry cough. A friend helpfully suggested it is swine flu. Har-dee-har.

  4. Yarn shopping: Well, you've seen the Malabrigo from Sunday. But as I mentioned, that was on sale, so it doesn't count. Other than that, and that single skein of Socks That Rock a while ago, which again, didn't count (purchased, as it was, with funds from the sale of some stash), Piggy's been very, very good. No Elann sale crazyiness. Mind you, that is due more to the fact that most of the recent sales have been for not-so-desirable stuff. Including -- TWICE -- Noro stuff. Bah.
  5. Weasley Jumper: I'm (finally) at the point where I need to start adding in the H on the front. My first foray into intarsia begins tomorrow.
So, now you're up to date in the world of Piggy. :-)

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  1. So glad you're back! Missed your wicked sense of humor :) It does sound like the flu. You should be feeling better pretty soon. Symptoms can last up to two weeks. If you become feverish at this point, or symptoms get worse, see the doctor, ok?