Wednesday, July 1, 2009

They like us, they really, really like us!

It's only just Canada Day here on the west coast -- 3:00 a.m. And instead of sleeping, Piggy is surfing the interwebs for appropriate Canada Day post material, in the (ever-more likely given how late it is) event I don't make it to the parade and festivities tomorrow.

I'd spent a couple of frustrating hours searching for a particular piece of Canadiana on youtube when I stumbled upon a couple of other Canada Day-appropriate videos that I think are pretty cool. Especially because they are from people in the United States.

We Canadians often grumble that many of our neighbours to the south can be pretty clueless when it comes to our country. If you've ever seen Talking to Americans, you'll know what I'm talking about... "Congratulations, Canada, on getting electricity!", etc.

But we should be careful not to subscribe too enthusiastically to our own blanket stereotyping, as these videos show.

First up, a knitting-related clip: 400 Americans singing O Canada to the Yarn Harlot in St. Paul, Minnesota (thanks, NoNeinNyet, for the correction!) in 2007.

And even cooler (if you forget that there's no knitting involved): this video submitted to Canada Day Across America, "the yearly celebration of Canada Day by people with a strong Canadian bond living in the United States".

Piggy. Loves. Abbey.

Happy Canada Day, y'all! ;-)

PS: I did manage to find the particular video I was looking for...I'll post it later. Canada's B-day is worth two posts, I reckon. :-)


  1. Happy Canada Day! From an American who spent four years living in the closest-to-Canada place we have - the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. :o)

  2. Happy Canada Day! Do Canadians grill out, drink beer, and light fireworks like we Americans do on July 4th? :)