Friday, June 26, 2009

Who's down with O.P.P. (all the yarnies)

That's Other People's Projects, yo.

As in, there's nothing new to see chez Piggy, so let's check out what some of the Vancouver Westside Knitters Group members (a.k.a. Piggy's Thursday night yarnies) have been up to.

Check out Alyria's First-Ever Sock:

Alyria's first sock

She started it on Tuesday. TUESDAY.

And three of the motifs from Ms.Ting's latest project, Blusa Queen.

Ms. Ting's Blusa Queen

The pattern is in Portuguese, piggies! Ms.Ting has mad skillz, I tell you.

The Weasley Jumper, meanwhile: 27 inches.


  1. woo hoo for 27" on the Weasley Jumper...whatever that is! :)

  2. HeeHee ... thanks for the shout-out!